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The Hill — IVÁN ESPINOZA-MADRIGAL AND LARRY WILLIS: Hair drug testing is not accurate, we shouldn’t rely on it

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Imagine being denied work — not because of your qualifications or work history, but because a drug test required for employment comes back positive for a drug you never used. Now imagine learning that the test result could have been influenced by the color and texture of your hair.

Sadly, this isn’t a plot for a sci-fi movie. Over the past two decades, several Boston Police officers have been terminated or denied employment because of false positives on department-required hair drug tests.

In 2013, the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission reinstated six of those officers after determining that the hair testing method used was unreliable. In 2014 a panel of federal judges determined that this hair testing method had a discriminatory impact on African Americans.

Hair tests can lead to false positive results because certain drugs — like cocaine — which are found on common surfaces, including dollar bills, can be absorbed into hair. There is currently no way to fully cleanse hair of these drugs.

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