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Larry I. Willis Discusses Autonomous Vehicle Legislation and Hair Testing on America’s Workforce Radio

By Admin

TTD President Larry I. Willis joined America’s Workforce Radio host Ed “Flash” Ferenc Monday to discuss autonomous vehicles and hair testing. You can listen to the show here.

As Congress seeks to regulate the introduction of driverless vehicles onto our roads and bridges, questions remain about the impacts this technology will have on the millions of working people who drive for a living.

TTD has made this issue a priority and is focused on ensuring working people are not forgotten in this debate.

“There’s not a union that we represent that won’t be impacted at some point by these autonomous technologies,” Larry said on America’s Workforce Radio. “That’s why we’re working so diligently on this issue. The legislation passed today will set precedent for how we deal with this technology tomorrow. We, as a society, have to think about the jobs, and wage stagnation, and how these issues are coming together – and make sure people are protected.”

Larry also discussed another issue important to those who drive for a living: drug tests. While no one argues with the need to keep our highways safe, a group of trucking companies has petitioned the federal government to use a testing method that is unreliable and racially biased.

Click here to listen to the full episode.