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Join our Twitter Takeover to Demand #2CrewTrains

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Common sense tells us that operating a 19,000-ton freight train with a single crewmember – like the railroads want to do – is a dangerous idea. But what do the men and women who actually operate these trains think? Now is your chance to find out!

This Thursday, SMART-TD member and BNSF conductor Mike Rankin will take over TTD’s twitter account to bring you his story about how a two-person freight train crew worked together during an emergency to save a life.

We invite you to follow the takeover at @TTDAFLCIO and join the conversation by using #2CrewTakeover and #2CrewTrains. Mike’s Twitter takeover will start at noon and end at 3 p.m., EDT. Don’t miss it!

WHO: Mike Rankin, SMART-TD member and BNSF conductor

Mike Rankin headshot

WHAT: Takeover of TTD’s Twitter Account

WHEN: Thursday, July 14
Noon – 3 p.m. EDT

WHY: Mike will bring you a true story about why two qualified crew members are needed on all freight trains.

HOW: Follow us at @TTDAFLCIO
Join the conversation using #2CrewTakeover and #2CrewTrains

Why is Mike’s story so important? Railroads want to cut costs by operating massive freight trains – most carrying hazardous materials – with a single crew member. But the vast majority of Americans and our federal government agree with us that two crew members are needed to safely operate freight trains.

The American public doesn’t want single crew trains traveling in their neighborhood and neither do the men and women who work in the rail industry. Join our #2CrewTakeover to learn first-hand from a rail professional how vital it is that the FRA implement a strong rule regulating two-person train crews.