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I’m Not Buying What Branson’s Selling

By Admin

TTD President Edward Wytkind

For the past seven years British billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson has worked to convince U.S. authorities that he does not own or control Virgin America.  You see, under our law he’s not allowed to.

Yet for someone who doesn’t own or control this airline, he is sure busy talking to his non-employees.  In fact, he’s even sending video-taped messages urging Virgin America employees not to form a union?  Peculiar isn’t it?  Yes, we think so too.

This of course comes from a man who has rallied for years against our ownership and control laws governing U.S. airlines.  But now, it seems he has gone too far.  Now, he is streaming videos at Virgin America flight attendants (you know, the employees who allegedly don’t work for him) and telling them to reject the Transport Workers Union.

Because Virgin America is bidding for valuable slots at Washington National Airport against other U.S. airlines, it would seem that the airline’s ownership and control structure needs another look by U.S. regulators.

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