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I’ll Take Your Hypocrisy if You Build Me a Tunnel

By Admin

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says as president he’d move aggressively on Amtrak’s long delayed Hudson River rail tunnel project — yes, the same tunnel project he killed as governor five years ago. While cynics (note: I’m a cynic) question motives here and wonder just how much hypocrisy we’ll have to endure in this presidential election, I’ll take what I can get.

The case for building this tunnel is a no-brainer today and was a no-brainer when it was first proposed. Studies going back more than 20 years tell us that time isn’t on our side as these tunnels deteriorate. The current tunnels under the Hudson going into New York City are over 100 years old and in sad shape: capacity is near 100 percent, delays are on the rise and ridership projections for Amtrak and NJ Transit are on a steady upward trajectory.

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