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Ed Wytkind Discusses Presidential Elections, #DenyNAI on The Rick Smith Show

By Admin

Did you miss TTD President Ed Wytkind discussing the presidential election and transportation policy on The Rick Smith Show? You’re in luck — you can listen to the show here on the MoveAmerica blog.

As we reflect on National Infrastructure Week and enter the final months of the 2016 presidential election, one thing is clear: the next President must have a real national transportation infrastructure plan. Ed joined the Rick Smith Show to discuss each candidate’s infrastructure plan and to discuss the transportation policy issues facing the country right now. In particular, Norwegian Air international’s scheme to enter U.S. skies as a flag-of-convenience airline is troubling. Ed Wytkind explains: “What NAI is basically going to do is create a flag-of-convenience airline that scours the globe for the cheapest labor, the most lax labor laws, yet be able to call itself a European airline under our trade agreement with Europe and be able to fly into our markets and compete unfairly against U.S. and European carriers that play by the rules. It’s one of the most dangerous and threatening things we’ve seen for airline workers in a very long time.”

Listen to the show to learn more about TTD’s efforts to protect U.S. aviation jobs and fair competition in the international aviation market.