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Ed Wytkind Discusses Infrastructure on The Rick Smith Show

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TTD President Edward Wytkind discussed the challenges facing our nation’s infrastructure, and the effect those challenges have on our economy, with labor radio host Rick Smith yesterday.

“There are a lot of issues in Washington today that are more complicated, more nuanced, and that have many shades of gray,” Ed said. “There aren’t any shades of gray when it comes to infrastructure. Investment is needed to repair decades of neglect and create good jobs.”

Even though public opinion polls call for bipartisan cooperation to fix America’s crumbling transportation and other infrastructure, investing in our nation’s infrastructure has become a partisan issue, subject to partisan funding battles.

Despite these challenges, Ed emphasized that TTD is focused on bringing bipartisanship to the debate, and ensuring that new projects not only fix our existing infrastructure, but create an avenue toward good, middle-class jobs.

For the full interview, listen here.