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Ed Wytkind Discusses Barring One-Person Crew Trains, FAA Reauthorization on America’s Workforce Radio

By Admin

Did you miss TTD President Ed Wytkind discussing the FRA’s proposed rule to bar one-person crews and FAA Reauthorization on America’s Work Force Radio on Monday? You’re in luck — you can listen to the show here on the MoveAmerica blog.

In a recent joint op-ed with SMART-TD’s John Previsich about the FRA’s proposed rule, Ed highlights the blatant safety arguments and overwhelming public opinion supporting a two-person crew standard. Ed commented on the safety threats of one-person crews: ““You’ve got 19,000 ton freight trains in this country stuffed with HAZMAT. You want to make sure those trains are operated safely, they’re secured from possible derailment or runaway… and if you saw the way two workers complement one another you would understand why you do not want one-person operations.“

Listen to the show to hear Ed discuss the current state of the House and Senate’s contrasting FAA Reauthorization bills.