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Investing in U.S.

A Transportation Infrastructure Platform for 2020 Presidential Candidates


Map of U.S. with workers

The Rupa Family of Des Moines, Iowa is not wealthy enough to own a car and lives in a part of town that the city’s public transportation system cannot afford to serve. As a result, they are forced to walk two miles along a busy highway just to get groceries.

Sadly, the Rupas are far from alone. The plight they face is indicative of much larger problems: the federal government’s failure to keep pace with the growing demands placed on our transportation system and infrastructure, and an economy that overwhelmingly favors the wealthy.

Years of underinvestment in our roads, rail lines, transit systems, airports, and seaports have taken their toll, and it’s working families who pay the price — in excruciatingly long lines at airports, inadequate public transit services, and potholed roads and bridges that are no longer safe to travel across. In soul-crushing commutes, ever-tightening pocketbooks, and limited access to good jobs, educational opportunities, and medical care.

The next president of the United States will inherit an infrastructure backlog in the trillions and a transportation system that costs the average family $3,200 a year in lost time and car repairs, leaves 900,000 jobs on the table annually, and is projected to cost American businesses $7 trillion in sales by 2025. 

Adequately addressing our nation’s infrastructure crisis and rebalancing our economy in favor of workers must be more than a campaign talking point. Candidates must clearly demonstrate that they will prioritize repairing decades of neglect while restoring dignity to America’s working families. They must show the kind of leadership that understands that urban and rural communities depend on one another, and are both equally deserving of attention, despite having their own unique challenges. 

By adopting the policies outlined in this platform, the next president of the United States can lead the way in improving quality of life for every American, creating and sustaining good, middle-class jobs, and securing America’s position as a world economic leader by giving this country the world-class transportation network we deserve.

TTD’s 2020 Infrastructure Platform:

Stabilize the Highway Trust Fund by Increasing the Federal User Fee
Increase Investments for Public Transit
Invest in America’s Roads and Bridges
Invest in Freight and Passenger Rail
Fund Projects Based on Merits, Not Politics
Invest in Ports and Support Maritime Commerce
Give Our Aviation System the Support it Deserves
Commit to Creating and Protecting Good, Middle-class Jobs and Enhancing Workers’ Rights
Taking Action on Infrastructure

Snapshot: The Impact on Working Families

The next president of the United States will inherit a transportation infrastructure maintenance and repair backlog in the trillions. Click on the map below to see a snapshot of how underinvestment in transportation impacts working families in America today:

[mapsvg id=”13806″ title=”Infrastructure Platform 2020″]


Download Investing in U.S.: A Transportation Infrastructure Platform for 2020 Presidential Candidates here.