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TTD devotes its policy leadership and expertise to ensuring that private and public sector transportation workers have access to safe, fair workplaces and that our nation’s transportation infrastructure is modern and well-funded. We work across all modes of transportation with the recognition that no one part of America’s infrastructure can operate without the others. Below are some of our current undertakings.

Amtrak Funding

For the past decade, the popularity of passenger rail in the United States has been surging. For 10 of the last 12 years, Amtrak has broken its ridership records; in 2014 it carried nearly 31 million passengers and saw a 4 percent rise in ticket revenues. And in polls of communities all over the country, from upstate New York to Missouri and from Wisconsin to Kentucky, the vast majority of Americans – both Democrats and Republicans – have said they’d like to see expanded rail service.

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Rail Safety

Wonder how grain gets from farms to ranches in order to keep livestock fed through the winter, or how your flour got to the grocery store? What about how coal makes its way from the mine to the power plant so it can power your air conditioner, or how paper makes it from the mill to the newspaper printer?

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Surface Transportation Funding

This August, the Highway Trust Fund teetered on the edge of bankruptcy. If Congress didn’t act swiftly, the Trust Fund – which finances interstates, roads, and transit systems – would slip into insolvency, leaving states unable to plan future projects or simply repair crumbling transit systems, roads, and bridges.

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